The last case shows only 7 characters of the name, which will confuse you if the surnames are similar. In the end, we have a model with average characteristics, which is not a top one on the market. If the fonts had been redrawn, the perception of the interface could have become different. The absence of history in the browser really disappointed – so, you’ll have to reenter the address you’ve already attended. In general it is comfortable to work with messages, the device is up-to-date. Uploaded images, melodies, videos and programs are stored in separate folders. Also a personal icon for groups.

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Horizontal pressures call hot menu with the most necessary functions, which is also traditional for LG llg. All the messages are stored in the internal memory, first SIM-card memory is filled with SMS and only then the internal one is used up to messages.

Review GSM phone LG M

This is a combination of Tetris and a logic game. The navi pad has an OK one inscribed; there are special buttons for calling an MP3 player and a digital camera. The step is interesting and deserved attention, since in some time all the manufacturers will have to offer similar k4410 due to strong competition. Handily, the menu displays the battery life and reception indicator at the top of every menu page. The cover has a slight backlash, which makes a careless m410 of the phone in hands, low creaks appear.

Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. Unfortunately, the screen turns off in the standby mode to save energy. The LG M lf one of many mobile handsets targeting the ever popular and growing MP3 market, but if you’re looking for a llg based on its multimedia capabilities, ,4410 we advise to steer well clear of LG’s latest offering.


All the other settings are standard. This very side has a miniSD expansion slot. This is a plain file manager, which allows copying one file to another memory type in a unit of time several files can’t be transferred at once. Both TV-clip and posters stress its similarity with a sport car. A feature we liked is the ability to use the camera’s external screen as a viewfinder, which is useful if you want to take self-portraits.

The last have a part of the screen always lgg and showing time with a line of icons. Besides headset profiles the device supports ftp, which allows requesting the phones’ memory directly.

LG M4410. Live pictures

You can set work time for backlighting for each of the pg – 10, 30 and 60 seconds. Llg will have to lift their game when producing multimedia handsets, if the M is any indication of the direction they are heading. A status bar for each name is shown on the bottom, it represents a default number, and other data may be leafed through by m44110 pressures.

For instance, memory cards seem a separate makeweight, sending via Bluetooth is possible only from some menu items video and a dictaphone record are impossible to send. No other menu view is available, but fast navigation using number sequences is at your disposal.


The M is marketed as a “music phone”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’re not sure why a dedicated camera key was included with the main controls, as there is a camera button present on the right hand side of the phone. If the fonts had been redrawn, the perception of the interface could have become different. Opening the device we see an internal screen taking the most of the upper part. There is also a video recording function, but the quality was extremely poor and we do not recommend using it.

Uploading new melodies and pictures makes no troubles, and the same for applications.

Despite being a multimedia device, the M lacks a standard headphone jack, so you’ll have to put up with poor quality earbuds, which is highly inconvenient. The model is the best by LG and one of the best on the market as for the screen quality. Adding new functions looks perfect on the paper and leaves much to desire in reality. A full search by name is present in a general list. Though, this approach can hide danger, since this allusion to sport bolides can push away some customers.

E-mail addresses are entered into two fields, you can select users’ group one of the six or other. The MP3 application is poor to say the least and sound quality, especially using the external speaker, m4401 abysmal.