Due to your helpful feedback, we’re making KeyMouse even better! A design expert drew up many different sketches with different concepts we could use. Using Num Lock has this same functionality. We’re using the left KeyMouse to rotate the model, and the right KeyMouse is free to move the Also receive project updates.

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Martin Brinkmann said on January 9, at 8: This eliminates the need to take your hands out of typing position to use the arrow keys. The software is fully customizable and can be set up with many different profiles to easily switch between saved key layouts.

Daram Renamer is a great rename tool for Windows with one tiny flaw TV and Movie streaming is heading in muse wrong direction Pale Moon We have already overcome many challenges in making the prototypes. January 27, KeyMouse – Update Jan. But, I will stay with my old mouse and keyboard.

KeyMouse, a keyboard-mouse hybrid for both hands seeks funding on Kickstarter. Nouse interesting feature of the device is that the palm rest can be detached from the device and exchanged for a smaller or larger variant to accommodate different keymouuse sizes.

Other speeds can easily be configured such as slow motion, also. There are also many programmable thumb keys. If at all possible, we’ll get them into your hands sooner. Attempts have been made in the past to change that slightly, ergonomic keyboards come to mind, but nothing was as drastic as what the makers of KeyMouse plan to offer.


Many years ago I moved to the touchpad Fingerworks Touchstream keyboard http: See below for KeyMouse key layout. The advertising model in its current form is coming to an end, and we have to find other ways to continue operating this site.

KeyMouse™ – The Keyboard and Mouse Re-invented! by KeyMouse — Kickstarter

What’s shown here will be the default layout. Martin Brinkmann Mike Turcotte.

We’re excited to exhibit our prototypes, as well as collecting your The whole design of this product has been custom engineered for the best keykouse experience.

Estimated delivery Sep Uses include gaming, programming, CAD drawing, order entry, stock trading, web browsing, document editing, graphics design, and much more.

KeyMouse™ – The Keyboard and Mouse Re-invented! by KeyMouse » Updates — Kickstarter

But the touchscreen does not work so well at work as a computer programmer. Then we decided to split it into two devices – one for each hand. Support Select this reward.

Microsoft dropping Edge browser in favor of Chromium Here is another reason to avoid “check for updates” in Windows I imagine that it would take quite some getting used keeymouse time before you can use the KeyMouse as fast as your standard mouse and keyboard combination.


Keep your hands in typing position while using the mouse.

KeyMouse: A new take on the traditional keyboard and mouse

Dan said on January 10, at 3: Estimated delivery Mar Jan 2, – Feb 1, 29 days. MousePad with KeyMouse graphics. We used a 3D printer to print many different models to adjust the fit and feel of the devices.

We made several clay models to get the basic shape that fit the hand nicely. Advertising revenue is falling fast across the Internet, and independently-run sites like Ghacks are hit hardest by it. Using 3D printing and testing with many sizes of hands, we’re working hard to find the perfect balance on this.

The main keys are aligned at the top and split in half with each device featuring half the keys of a full querty keyboard.