Nonetheless, they would further strengthen their union by getting married. If true, she obviously failed, but perhaps this explains the strange delays in confirming Desalegn, the official successor, to the position. It also explains why she’s so reluctant to leave the official residence, the last vestige of executive power remaining to her. Semhal, Marda and Senay Meles. House of Peoples’ Representatives.

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Childhood Azeb Mesfib was born in in the north western part of Ethiopia, in a region called Welkayit, where both the Amhara and Tigrayans ethnic groups have lived peacefully for generations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She oversees the operations of the Meles Zenawi Foundation or MZF, which caused some controversy over the prime land they planned to take from Oromo farmers. This page was last edited on 25 Augustat According to government sources, Mrs Azeb Mesfin has ignored instructions to move to a new residence that would also be accorded full security detail.

She is a successful politician in her own right, and chairs an influential multi-billion dollar government fund ,esfin the rehabilitation of the Tigray region. She is media shy and does not engage in many interviews, and this secretiveness perhaps was the catalyst that led to azwb being vilified throughout various media outlets.

House approves bill to setup reconciliation commission. Known to have the characteristics of a brave and strong-willed woman, Azeb was soon given training as a secretary, to take a position, within the important and influential TPLF political affairs bureau.


Nevertheless, Azeb did not come out public with any of the unconfirmed reports until news of her suspension come out today. If he mesfib nothing, however, he might come across as soft, and not in control — qualities that Ethiopians have not seen a leader for many decades. Any threats to Desalegn’s succession were muted and, evidently, unsuccessful.

Mesfin was to accept the award on behalf of the organization along with the first ladies of Zambia and Rwanda. Azeb was widely criticized by opposition groups in the diaspora for the actions she took while running mezfin corporation. It’s minor in the grand scheme of things, perhaps, but raises a few nagging questions that Meles’ successor could do without.

Some of the accusations thrown azeg her included that she allegedly blurred the lines between TPLF, public and private businesses, making it difficult to trace the money.

Azeb Mesfin

There is one problem, however. In her speech, she would say: Auditor General declines Board appointment. Newsletter Weekly Newsletter Breaking News. Even after mesfn death of her powerful husband, Azeb Mesfin continues to wield a dominant role, albeit much lesser than when she was at the height of authority.

House of Peoples’ Representatives.

Authority relaxes aviation proclamation to enhance private sector involvement. In fact, those who know her well say that she is very mean and more dictatorial than her husband,” wrote Abebe Gellaw, an analyst on an anti-government website. But losing her husband also mesfon losing her home, a double blow which Azeb is probably not yet ready to face.


Semhal, Marda and Senay Meles. Army commandos who marched to the PM office sentenced to imprisonment. Apart from that TPLF also went after another political heavyweight Azeb Mesfin and handed her a temporarily suspension from all of her party roles for unspecified timeframe. It is believed that during this time, they mwsfin become romantically involved, although there msfin strict policies in place that forbade such relations. AEUP calls for intervention to stabilize market.

Ethiopian transition proceeding smoothly – except for one thing | World news | The Guardian

She would represent the woredas of Wolqayt and Humera, the area she was born in. The article properly refers to the person by her given name, Azeb, and not as Mesfin. Views Read Edit View history. Azeb Haile WelkaitEthiopia. There have been no major reshuffles.