C7P2E2 based on LG Lightbulb Ars Praetorian Registered: LG X Close Up. Sun Nov 23, 2: Additionally, each modification is supplied in two versions: Well, an Asus N10 is I have my black NC10 and I am so surprised at its classiness that I am thinking this is the only machine I need.

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This offers the expected netbook performance for uncomplicated office applications.

However, the newest Synaptics drivers I downloaded a modified version have a feature called Glide that mitigates this nicely. I’d like to think that Intel wasn’t that oblivious. The very delicately molded display hinges can be considered a bit of a problem in this regard.

There’s an oft-cited article from CNet where an Intel Sales and Marketing VP has been quoted as saying that Intel did not anticipate the popularity of netbooks among relatively affluent adult Westerners, since they were expecting netbooks to do better as children’s computers and among emerging markets, but it turned out that adult Westerners are buying the bulk of these netbooks for themselves. The waterblocks features copper nickel-plated ….

Silent Base Overview Part I. Wed Nov 26, 7: However, its key advantage is the employment of Hyper Precision Mounting System, which ensures fast and trouble-free installation. Some of the devices are too new to work with madwifi and regular Ubuntu requires some hackery to get backported ath5k working; the Netbook Remix has them working out of the box.


Originally posted by Lightbulb: The keys flanking the up-arrow key on either side appear to be the Home and End keys. Regarding the guaranteeLG also offers a 24 month warranty with a “pick up and return service” on the grams heavy, or rather light, mini-notebook. The manufacturer offers a total of four variations: Am I the only one who wants one of these? In my mind it just doesn’t make sense to worry about the case where there would be little I could do instead of nothing, at the expensive of what I know I’ll want to do immediately.

Unfortunately, the end to end key belonging to the touchpad has to be critisized, having a large dead zone. Sun Nov 23, 2: Originally posted by Master Burrfoot: Apr 26, Posts: The case puts away applied pressure very sufficiently with exception of the bottom side in the area of the louver.

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Hewlett-Packard Compaq Mini based on There are replacement kernels and wireless drivers availablehowever. How were the X’s keyboard and touchpad?


Sans the TouchPad of course. Sun Nov 30, 4: No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. If the S keyboard is bigger, I may just hold out for that.

Loudspeakers The sound of the integrated speakers could almost be called a disgrace. The LG X can be described as an interesting device, depending on what you expect from your netbook. Silent Base is offered in three colors: Not to mention you’re paying a lot for the brand. You lv place your badge on your Flickr profile, Blog or Website.

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Kensington Lock, power socket, 2x USB. Almost every manufacturer has them in their series.

All the necessary screws, slides to install hard drives, four plastic ties for …. This should be barely ever achieved in the classic application areas of the netbook, though.