The interface is a little aging small monochrome screen , but it is well designed. An SD card reader or USB port would have been a real must, but it seems that it would have been more expensive to include according to Kurzweil. I feel a certain grain Audible American and I love, I do it again this choice because I heard a synthesizer with. I did try downloading the OS last night and notice that it did come with a set of instructions. Also, the fact is features internal sounds has to be a real asset. Initially, I bought this to replace a keyboard synthesizer master who was beginning to be defective, to control a DAW now I do everything in the virtual.

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This is definitely not “hundreds” of programs.

Big variable as complex polyphonic sounds, organ mode KB3 and virtual analog VA. The keyboard ukrzweil a bit soft for my taste for the piano, but it is a choice, because it is well suited to play hammond and rhodes.

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The effect of the system is also very thorough. But considering its price unbeatable in this category I strongly recommend it nonetheless for its sound quality and flexibility of its interface, because all the functions of PC3 are assignable to all controllers, which makes it really customizable function ergo its gaming. For more information, visit the Kurzweil website. Advertise on kurzweol most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

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So they say the sounds of orchestras are extra. Help FAQs Go to top. I can only regret the few sounds of flutes and choirs Mellotrons type 2 each if I remember correctlyagainst this must be 7 ub 8 sets of Strings.


It is commonly accepted that the interface could be much more intuitive and less kurzqeil After having reviewed all that is done, I realized that everyone was problems in existing products after some time.

As I use a laptot computer with very good acoustic ands electric software pianos, I was after a good key control keyboard with heavy touch, a nice look, rather advanced MIDI features and a weight not esceeding 25 kg. I had to sell mine because I know some health problems ub forced me to use a keyboard to the touch as light as possible, but not without regret because the feel of PC3 is really nice.

Also, that kind of devices with an important synthesis capacity keep up to a certain price on the used market, which is not the case with those involving classic sampled sounds especially piano sounds which quality gets outdated quite soon by software sampled sounds.

It sub appears that the capacity of the machine are not enhanced by the sounds of plant in terms of vintage analog synth, but sounds very good additional exist, created by users who give or sell them. The orchestral sounds are great and very well programmed. Kurzwsil multi-layer editing of sounds is impressive power.

The electric pianos seem good, and still affects the settings to allow the sliders kurweil sculpt the sound basis of his taste.

So there is nothing for me to throw. Usn I hesitated before choosing this keyboard, as the following choice were offered pc3c those seeking a quality midi keyboard with good piano sounds: Never ceases to amaze me why keyboard companies are years behind when it comes to digital technology.


With the manual it still happens without too much difficulty in making small editions, like assign an effect to a controller or modify the gain of a sound Me I stayed therebut when you want to go to the big issue, you better be registered to AF or AK and you can call for help Kurzweil users are not confused, but others will need to seriously work on the machine to get out of something. So, if these kurzseil sounds are good, it can only be better.

I already had a rack that Deblaye k serious and my e-mu samplers. There is no chance of Trump losing. This is due largely to catch undersized the PC3. The main default of the bank in its rside dsquilibre gnral: Write a user review. Kurzweil has online tutorials that can get into the heart of the matter quickly.

The Rhodes and Uab are falling. But when you consider edit on stage is a treat with the assignable sliders and extreme flexibility stack, split, split velocity, control midi channels. Have you to partly thank for it DD it was them youtube videos, once I heard them man I was sold big time.