Allocated memory can also be movable and discardable wherein the memory objects are scattered around in the system memory map. Once the ping page list is valid the host sets the pong dwNextPageList to point to the ping page list indicating to the DSP that once the pong page list is complete the ping page list can be processed. Request memory access request. In this way, on subsequent power up, the flash instantly provides a complete recovery of the user environment. Interrupts that are collected by the interrupt register 0x04 can either be a pulse or a level. Writing a “1” to any bit in the register toggles the bit write a 1 to a 0 and the result is 1, write a 1 to a 1 and the result is 0 , mimicking the C5x on chip interrupt register. Stereo codec output processing in FIG.

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A write of 1 to a bit will toggle the contents of the register. For each application, check option look-up table of FIG. This 8-bit sequence is the checksum. For latency reasons, the SC Xmt buffer size might be only 16 samples.

When the condition ceases to exist, the error signal is removed and the latest data is put in the DPRAM again. The “host generated” C5x interrupt is set when the corresponding bit in the PCI register space is set.

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The space following each pointer is allocated so that the DSP does not have to manipulate the PCI control register pcl enables to write fewer than four bytes at a time. This saves about 7 VSP instructions minimum of 7 clocks with no wait states per byte transfer and saves even more host clocks. Analog summation of the voice codec is performed internal to the stereo codec.


A multimedia extension MMX single instruction multiple data SIMD unit inside the CPU can accelerate host emulation of some of the more real-time applications such as video and to some extent parallel pixel operations, using x86 emulation code ported to MMX code. The host writes to a wrapper register to set a DSP interrupt. If the DirectDSP software allocates two adapterr wherein one creates data and the aadpter uses the data, a data dependency or synchronization issue is avoided by the system of “handles” by which pieces of software under Windows hand off from one task to another.

The abort bit input to the PCI macro will not be used. Adzpter avoid the latency caused by interrupts, the C5x selects one of these signals to be present on the BIO input pin.

If there are parameter changes required during processing, the host sends messages instructing the DSP on wwireless change: The options range from fully balanced to less balanced with graceful degradation of performance depending on the application resource requirements and the available MIPs.

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This generic layout is also employed in WDM for the class driver and the miniport driver. Messages to the host are sent via the host message queue during processing and following completion of processing of the object.

The following polynomials are used to specify the checksum value.

The registers are tabulated later hereinbelow and explained in detail in the subsequent paragraphs. A page pointer to each memory region is contained in the program space header. These are C structures.


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Flash has a limited erase lifespan and slow write time. Dword 4 bytes data transfers take place in bursts on the PCI bus. This register 0x54 is easy for the C5x to increment as it goes through its host memory accesses. An example of this layout is NT video drivers. Voice codec interface clears transmit ping buffer data valid bit by setting its Xmit — ping — invalid bit.

The application controls the flow of wrieless data stream by calling IMediaControl interface provided by the filter graph wirelses. This provides software latency control for real-time applications. For a typical application, the average amount of main memory required is less than K bytes. When a task needs to access the cyberstagion object, the handle for that memory object is preferably locked down. The PCI block does bursts to slave addresses.

DSP or host makes appropriate control and cybfrstation selections and writes to the PIO control register were the codec — start bit is set. By properly distributing computational resources in the system, device emulation tasks are directed by the OS to run on any appropriate processing elements to achieve balance.

Thus, DLLs are not stored in flash. Stops playing buffer and saves the objects context to memory specified by a pointer provided by the HAL.